©Tómas Freyr Kristjánsson

©Tómas Freyr Kristjánsson

BRIM is an german/icelandic electric jazz outfit. Four individuals, who share the same passion, meet in Brim to perform as one. Their passion is creative music. They approach it with an open mind and therefor there’s space to progress in all directions. The music and the forms originate from our pop culture, often short and rapidly changing, but are performed with an understanding of a tradition. Brim is making space for their music in the ever changing world of modern music. Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson is presenting himself with Brim for the first time as a bandleader, making a voice for himself as a composer. Örn Ingi’s focus is on combining his background and surroundings, past and present, in his compositions. Nature vs. City; The contrast will be presented in a diverse program.

The word Brim originates from Icelandic, it’s where the ocean wave breaks on the seashore. It’s highly energetic but can turn peaceful in a blink of an eye. There’s music in that and Brim will perform it for you.

The band recorded their debut album in Maarweg Studio in July 2018 which is to be released beginning of 2019.


Örn Ingi Unnsteinsson - Electric bass

Stefan Karl Schmid - Saxophones

Yannis Anft - Keys

Jan Philipp - Drums